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Green Satin

This  ointment paired With PINE TAR soap, helped not only my Cracked Heels, but also Fungus on my toe, it helped to get ingrown out and all that was inside the wound. I have been using it every night . Make sure to keep it covered. Results came in about a week . According to Mariam I need to use it at least for a Month. 

--- Katie C.

Cracked Heels

Struggling with dry, cracked heels? Experience the healing power of nature with our plant-based ointment for cracked heels. This soothing ointment, brimming with botanical extracts, deeply moisturizes and nourishes, promoting the repair of cracked, rough skin. The combination of powerful plant-based ingredients stimulates cell regeneration and creates a protective layer that locks in moisture, ensuring your feet stay soft and supple. Easy to apply and quickly absorbed, it leaves no greasy residue, just the light, natural scent of healing herbs. It's time to give your feet the care they deserve with our plant-based ointment, the ideal solution for restoring your heels to their soft, smooth glory

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