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Green Satin

I have Lot of Tattoos, and as a Tattoo lover I need to keep them moisturized and taken care of. This Balm is a wonderful option for someone like me, who cares about ZERO WASTE, ALL NATURAL, CHEMICAL FREE and  SHOP SMALL .Thank you Mariam for including us. 
--- Damian D.

I just Got NEW TATTOO upstairs in the mall and when we came to the shop, Ashley noticed the band, so she offered us Tattoo Balm and UNSCENTED SOAP . We believed her, after tried on OLD TATTOO and saw how it shined and kept moisturized . I have NO REGRETS.  I have been using this combo for all of my tattoos and it lasts forever .

--- Sam A.

Tattoo for Old and New

Calling all tattoo enthusiasts! Whether you're rocking fresh ink or proudly displaying your well-aged art, we've got the perfect combo to keep your tattoos looking fierce and vibrant. Introducing our tattoo ointment and soap duo, the ultimate tag team for tattoo care!


For the newbies in the ink game, our tattoo ointment is here to be your trusty sidekick. Packed with nourishing ingredients, it helps to soothe and protect your fresh masterpiece, promoting faster healing and preventing pesky infections. Say goodbye to the itchiness and hello to a flawless healing process.


But hey, we haven't forgotten about you seasoned tattoo veterans! Our tattoo soap is your secret weapon for maintaining the brilliance of your existing ink. With its gentle yet effective cleansing formula, it removes dirt and grime without stripping away your tattoo's vibrancy. It's like a spa day for your skin art!


So whether you're a tattoo rookie or a walking canvas, our tattoo ointment and soap duo is the dynamic duo you need. Embrace the power of proper tattoo care and let your ink shine bright like a work of art. Don't settle for less - give your tattoos the love they deserve with our unbeatable combo. Your skin and your tattoos will thank you!

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