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Green Satin

My husband and I visited the keys and came across this little shop! I met Mariam and she helped to guide me on better ways to relieve my sons eczema issues as well the pain(BUBU BALM) in my wrist. Both of her salves worked wonders! When we returned to Virginia I placed an order for more! When the package arrived I saw the hand written note and was so moved by the care and tenderness taken to make me feel like a valued customer both in her store and away in my own home. She truly has a gift and passion for her work! Thank you Mariam!

--- Rachel Ochoa.

My Husband and I Visited your shop in Key West, My husband Loved Bubu Balm for his Knee pain and We also got BABO's Healing Salve for our son who has been taking very strong medication called Accutane for the past 3 months. It has caused him broken and cracked lips, very bad. I've applying this on him, twice a day and his lips FULLY HEALED IN 3 DAYS!!!! I cried !!! Poor baby has been suffering with lips for months. .. YOU ARE MIRACLE!!!

--- Grisel C.

Thank you For you work. We noticed  a change right away. You have changed our lives . TJ is not Scratching as much as he used to. You can't imagine what his scratching till he bleeds does to me and his dad each day. Once again, THANK YOU . We will continue to use the products as long as necessary. 

--- Shaquana S.

Eczema / Psoriasis / Itchy

Introducing our revolutionary plant-based ointment, specifically designed to address the needs of those struggling with eczema or psoriasis. This Real People-approved formula harnesses the power of nature to provide effective relief from the symptoms associated with these skin conditions. Infused with a potent blend of botanical extracts and oils, our ointment deeply moisturizes, reduces redness, soothes itching, and promotes skin healing. With regular use, you'll notice a visible improvement in the appearance and feel of your skin, restoring your confidence and relieving the daily struggles of eczema or psoriasis. Say goodbye to dry, irritated skin and embrace the natural healing of our plant-based ointment. Experience the transformative power of nature for yourself and unlock the path to healthier, happier skin.

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