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Green Satin

Snorkeling Was lot of Fun, but Aftermath  wasn't. My Daughter and I came to the shop and Mariam Noticed the burn, She gave her a sampler and few minutes later, her Burning Feeling calmed down . We purchased this balm and Eucalyptus Soap, Next Morning My Daughter was Absolutely Pain Free, and No skin peeling either. Thank you . 

--- Leyla T.

After using the products! My skin feels amazing. I can smell the soap on my skin but it’s not overpowered. Subtle and natural. My skin feels so soft. The eucalyptus Soap helped so much with my vacation sunburn.

--- Brittney S.


Listen up, folks! We've got a special offer that'll make you say, "Holy sunburn, Batman! I need that!" Introducing our dynamic duo: the sunburn balm and soap combo! Picture this: you're out there, having a blast under the scorching sun, and suddenly, you realize you've turned into a human Lobster. Fear not, for our sunburn balm is here to save the day! With its superhero-like healing powers, it soothes your skin, reduces redness, and brings back your cool factor. But wait, there's more! Our soap is like a sidekick that fights off the grime and sweat, leaving you feeling fresh and clean. It's the perfect dynamic duo to defeat sunburn and keep you smelling like success. So don't be a burnt chicken nugget, grab our sunburn balm and soap combo and let your skin feel like a winner again.


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